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The Face of Catch22brand


Aaron Duncan is more than just the heart and soul of Catch 22. Established in 1991, Aaron's life was destined to be filled with adventure and excitement as he ventured between Los Angeles California where he was born, to the cities of Las Vegas and Toledo. Traveling throughout the country afforded him with a wide variety of experiences that have shaped who he is today. For years, he served our country in the United States Navy.  Although his tireless efforts to protect and serve were at the forefront of his mind, entrepreneurship was at the back of it. Outside of his passion for basketball and dedication to personal fitness, Aaron has a keen eye for business and people. His love for fashion inspired him to create something that is more than just a movement, but a lifestyle, Aaron is a multifaceted individual who holds dearly to the idea of Catch 22. From his involvement in Basketball, to his dentistry endeavors, to his Naval career, he has never been too fond of accepting solely what life has designed for him. Instead, he seamlessly transitions from one passion to the next in order to take life by the horns. He defines Catch 22 as "living life to the fullest, instead of just merely existing." Far too often, our destinies are provided for us with robotic procedures in place to allow for conformity and regularity. Aaron hopes for Catch 22 to inspire people to create their own path and transform their dreams into reality. He has defied odds in his own lifetime in order to commit to this idea and add both depth and meaning to his life. He desires to live a long life of fulfillment with zero regrets by doing the unthinkable and relentlessly chasing his dreams. One of the things that makes Catch 22 appealing is that it is uniquely created with the customer in mind. Aaron has not only infused his own personal flare into the brand, but has also take into consideration the interests of his clientele. Catch 22 strives to serve as a platform for transforming the way we express ourselves. It is this out-of-the box idea that everyone can relate to. Catch 22 prides itself in being versatile, unpredictable, and creative. The brand is committed to providing superior customer service and satisfaction is always guaranteed.

Life Is Always A Catch 22

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It's truly no secret that everything that happens in life is a Catch 22. In this paradoxical situation, many people feel trapped or consumed by their present situations. A Catch 22 subsequently results from commands or procedures that seem inevitable. It is further to be explained that if one is to fight the rule, it is to be accepted. This term was coined by John Heller in 1961 and this idea is the mere purpose of Catch 22. In life, we find ourselves subject to this routine or expected lifestyle. Although we may have a wide variety or interests and passions, we rarely stray from the path. In a sense, Catch 22 is the path less taken. The brand strives to harness the unique qualities of it's customers and serve as a foundation for expression. Each garment made is developed specifically for the customer it's intended for. The main insight behind the development of each piece derives from the comments, interests, and feedback of the clientele. Catch 22 personalizes itself to mirror the customer. Consider Catch 22 a threshold for creating something bigger than yourself. Allow it to reinvent the way you do clothing. 

Catch22Brand Squad


The most unique thing about Catch22brand is the team behind it. Catch22Brand was founded on a set of core values that everyone on the team lives by such as loyalty, diversity, and uniqueness. The team thrives on everyone having their own voice to be heard. The Catch22Brand delivers a unique experience by embracing diversified palettes.